Human development index hdi includes health measured

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Unformatted text preview: ex (HDI)- includes health measured by life expectancy plus educational attainment measured (average years of school) plus the standard of living (GDP per capita) It is able to rank countries on a scale of 0-1 The countries closer to 1 have a better level of development ex. Norway HDI. 956 A lower scoring country: Sierra Leone HDI.273 Dimensions of poverty Extreme Poverty – those whose income is less than $1 per day – the measure for the millennium development goals Implication- homogenizes the poor- whose main problem is cash – conceptualizes the poor as a single, homogenous group whose main problem is low monetary income – if they could find the right policy to take more money into their hands then it would solve global poverty – considered a temporary problem. They need to under...
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