Hooky - Hooky, dogging, skiving, mitching, ditching,...

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Hooky, dogging, skiving, mitching, ditching, skipping, a self motivated field trip, truancy, whatever you want to call it, skipping class is a relatively common practice internationally. What is the appeal of not going to class? In larger schools students are little more than a number and a student’s absence is barely noticed. At Northland, where class sizes are a bit more quaint, a single student missing may effect the class sharply. In my first weeks at Northland I have never felt the urge to skip a class, students here seem to enjoy their classes and seem happy to attend their classes. There is definitely motivation needed to come to class, what are those? Who suffers when we do not attend our scheduled classes? Is it detrimental to the class to have students who miss or simply skip their lessons? When we walk into a classroom at Northland we recognize the faces, even if you don’t her name or maybe he is a new student, we know the people. These smaller class sizes make things much more personal, which makes students feel more accountable when they do skip class. Playing hooky makes some sense in a public high school setting, where you do not pay thousands of dollars in tuition
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Hooky - Hooky, dogging, skiving, mitching, ditching,...

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