1998 p 1268 graziano et al 1998 childs difficult

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Unformatted text preview: Source: Graziano et al. (1998, p. 1268) Graziano et al. (1998) Child’s difficult temperament: for example, irritable, intense, impulsive, emotional, etc. Child’s difficult interaction: for example, guilt/shame, aggression, punishment, etc. Child’s difficult personality: for example, low on agreeableness and high on neuroticism See also Flett (2007, p. 101-106) tens of thousands of interactions… Source: Trentacosta et al. (2008) Person-by-Environment Transaction: Sensation-seeking and IQ Source: Raine, Reynolds, Venables, and Mednick (2002) “Cumulative continuity arises when an individual's interactional style channels him or her into environments that themselves reinforce that style, thereby sustaining the behavior pattern across the life course through the progressive accumulation of its own consequences” (Caspi et al., 1989). Cumulative Continuity (Caspi et al., 1989)...
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