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midterm 2 take home - Seat Math 116 CALCULUS II MIDTERM...

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Math 116 CALCULUS II MIDTERM EXAM – II (Take-home) November 14 (Thu), 2013 Due date: November 19 (Tue), 2013 Seat # : Instructor: Yasuyuki Kachi Line #: 23590. ID # : Name : This take-home part of Midterm Exam II is worth 40 points, plus extra 30 points, and is due in class Tuesday, November 19th, 2013. Submission after 1:00 pm, November 19th will not be accepted. Be sure to write your answers neatly, precisely, and with complete sentences. You may use notes and handed out materials, but no outside help. Print oF one entire set of this exam. Write answers in the printed sheets. You may not supply your own (blank) sheet except for [III]. [I] (Take-home; 10pts) State the general Taylor’s formula using the summation symbol. It has two parts. One is concerning a Fnite sum and it involves an integral. The other is concerning an inFnite sum. (a) f ( x ) = m s n =0 + i t = dt. (b) If lim m -→ = 0, then f ( x ) = s n =0 . 1
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[II] (Take-home; 10pts) Madam Rich has recently received a letter from the President and CEO of The University X, her alma mater. It goes: Dear Madam Rich, We are so pround of you as being the most prominent alumna of The University X. Could you please help us by donating us some money. We will proudly name our new football stadium “Madam Rich Stadium”. Please agree to sign the enclosed sheet. Sincerely yours, *** , President & CEO of The University X a Enclosed sheet A I, Madam Rich, hereby agree to consecutively pay to The University X, exactly as dictated by the payment schedule below. I agree that, on each payment, the amount will be automatically deducted from my bank account, with account number xxx, and it will be automatically transferred to The University X account. Payment Schedule A. The amount of payment on the payment # n is exactly one n -th of a dollar p = $ 1 n P . ( See Table 1. ) B. As for the timing of payments, the interval between two consecutive payments is exactly one half of the previous interval.
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midterm 2 take home - Seat Math 116 CALCULUS II MIDTERM...

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