Attaching electrical conductors to the positive and

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Unformatted text preview: tricity. Attaching electrical conductors to the positive and negative sides of the cells forms a circuit. Silicon technology has been the dominant technology for the supply of power modules into photovoltaic applications and the likely changes are an increasing proportion of multi-crystalline silicon and mono-crystalline silicon being used for high-efficiency solar cells while thinner wafers and ribbon silicon technology continue to grow. Amorphous (uncrystallized) silicon is the most popular thin-film technology with cell efficiencies of 5-7% and double- and triple-junction designs raising it to 8-10%. But it is prone to degradation. Some of the varieties of amorphous silicon are amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC), amorphous silicon germanium (a-SiGe), microcrystalline silicon (µc-Si), and amorphous silicon-nitrid...
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