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Notes on Water Accounting

2 bhp billiton has developed a water use index that

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Unformatted text preview: Close to the drinking water standards, as it only requires minimum treatment (disinfection) to be safe for human consumption. It can be used for all purposes. - Category 2: Suitable for some purposes. Treatment will be required to remove total dissolved solids and/or to adjust other parameters to be safe 8 (Minerals Council of Australia, 2012) 9 Ibid 10 Ibid for human consumption and more sensitive agricultural and recreational purposes. - Category 3: Water unsuitable for most purposes due to the high salinity (> 5000 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids, TDS) or highly unsuitable pH (<4 and >10). Category 3 water will require significant treatment to be suitable for Category 1 and Category 2. Many minerals operations and companies have water accounting systems in place to measure, monitor and report water use. However these systems are often not consistent across companies or even operations. Examples of water accounting methods and metrics developed by mining companies include11: 1. Newmont Mining is using a predictive water- balancing tool to develop a site- specific water management plan. The tool provides probabilit...
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