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Notes on Water Accounting

The flow of water is neither treated nor stored or

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Unformatted text preview: by the operational facility for intended use by the operational facility. This is made up of water that has become available from within the operational facility, for instance groundwater accessed during dewatering of the ore body. Forms of input water categorized as follows5. 4 (Minerals Council of Australia, 2012) 5 Ibid Figure 2: Category of Input Water from MCA6 An Output is defined as a volume of water removed from the operational facility after it has been treated, stored for use or been through a task. Outputs are categorized as follows7. 6 (Minerals Council of Australia, 2012) 7 Ibid Figure 3: Category of Output Water from MCA8 When water is diverted from the input to the output without being utilized by the operational facility, it is classified as a diversion. The flow of water is neither treated, nor stored or passes through a task. Tasks are operational activities that use water. Typical tasks are listed below9. - Dust suppression - Underground mining - Haul road dust suppression - Ore processing - CHPP (Coal handling and processing plant) - Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) - Co- disposal - Amenities use The importance of Water Quality Description is to assign a water quality category to each input and output stream. The quality of water is categorized below10. - Category 1:...
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