Notes on Water Recycling

06 with the use of portable water when compared to

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Unformatted text preview: surface alteration. The experimental test work comprised of batch flotation tests using Denver lab cell for a period of 10 minutes. Nine different test runs were carried out in triplicates to ensure reproducibility using different water types from different thickener overflows, return and sewage effluent water (process water) and portable water27. 24 (Muzenda, 2010) 25 (Muzenda, 2010) 26 (Muzenda, 2010) 27 (Muzenda, 2010) Figure 7: Grade versus Recovery for different types of water28 The figure above shows that there is no adverse effect on flotation performance with water quality. The grade of the concentrate was the lowest (13.7) with the use of portable water when compared with the grade of the thickened water; return water and sewage effluent water29. The recovery of the concentrate was the highest (86.06%) with the use of portable water when compared to the thickened...
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