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Notes on Water Recycling

Different kinds of water have different effects on

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Unformatted text preview: water, return water and sewage water. The increase in grade with the use of thickened water might be due to the presence of residual reagents in the water that enhances the flotation of valuable minerals. The low concentrate grade and high recovery in portable water flotation is due to a higher percent mass pull. The presence of residual reagents (depressants in particular) in thickened water might have had a depressant effect on the gangue that resulted with a higher concentrate grade and low recovery. 28 (Muzenda, 2010) 29 (Muzenda, 2010) Figure 8: Plot of Recovery versus pH30 According to the figure above, portable water with a pH of 7.1 had the highest recovery (86%). For pH values greater than 7.1 as in the other water types (thickened, return and sewage effluent) the concentrate recovery decreased to values ranging between 64 – 68%. When there is an increase in pH (>7) there is a reduction in the c...
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