Notes on Water Recycling

The ug2 1 thickener produced the lowest concentrate

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Unformatted text preview: oncentrate recovery31. The reduction of recovery at high pH values is due to the formation of precipitated species (zinc hydroxide with some copper hydroxide), which cause high mineral coverage of sulphide minerals. Different kinds of water have different effects on flotation of Platinum Gold Metals (PGM’s). In the recycling of the mineral processing wastewater, the origin of wastewater must be taken into account. 30 (Muzenda, 2010) 31 (Muzenda, 2010) Figure 9: Plot of Recovery versus TDS32 The figure above represents the presence of dissolved solids in mineral processing wastewater decreases the concentrate recovery. Portable water with no dissolved solids gave the highest recovery of 86%. The highest amount of total dissolve...
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