Notes on Water Recycling

The flotation reagents in the internal recycle waters

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Unformatted text preview: tals, collectors, frothers, activators, depressants, colloidal materials (silicates, clays and iron hydroxides), and natural organic material22. Problems connected to the use of recycled water are related to process chemical residues and various oils that may accumulate in tailings return dams23. The flotation reagents in the internal recycle waters have not had enough time to decompose resulting in plant decreased reagent usage. When the maximum removal of water from each product stream and returned to the processing plant, optimum 19 (Muzenda, 2010) 20 (Finch, 1988) 21 (Finch, 1988) 22 (Muzenda, 2010) 23 (Muzenda, 2010) recycling of water occurs. In general ore dissolution and reagent addition cause various elements or compounds to accumulate in solution and this alters the chemistry of the system24. Generally, recycled water have increased levels of total dissolved solids (TDS), which result in...
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