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Notes on Water Recycling

When water from the process is reused instead of

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Unformatted text preview: an increase in the specific gravity (SG) of the water, which affect slurries. As the SG of the water is increased, the lower the solids percentage throughout the plant will be if the SG of the plant is constant. Particle to particle separation increases the electrolyte concentration. The slurry viscosity might increase and affect the mineral floatability along with classification and pumping25. Flotation depends on the surface properties of the minerals. These surface properties are affected by solution components such passivation of mineral surfaces which may occur due to ion precipitation. When water from the process is reused instead of portable water, the reagent consumption may be reduced by almost 50%. One major disadvantage with this water is the potential formation of stable froth. When the froth is stable and has high water content, selectivity tend to be reduced26. Flotation in high salinity waters causes little or no mineral dissolution, indicating little...
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