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Manufacturing Technical Paper

In its simplest form electrospinning essentially

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Unformatted text preview: essentially consists of the creation of an electric field between a grounded target and a positively charged capillary filled with a polymer solution. When the electrostatic charge becomes larger than the surface tension of the polymer solution at the capillary tip, a polymer jet is created. This fine polymer jet travels from the charged capillary to the grounded mandrel and allows for the production of continuous micro- to nanoscale polymer fibers, which can be collected in various orientations to create unique structures in terms of composition and mechanical properties [38]. Figure 8: A Schematic of the Electrospinning Process [38] Depending on the polymer to be electrospun, and its concentration, these fibers may even end up as micron scale in diameter. Usually, electrospun fibers generally reside in the upper limits of the natural ECM’s range of 500 nm. Figure 9: Electrospun Scaffold after 20 days of Culture [39] The SEM image above is an electrospun PLLA (poly- L- lactide) after 20 days of culture of human fetal osteoblasts [39]. It shows that the electrospun scaffold was able to grow cells faster due to the smaller size interactions between the synthetic ECM and the progenitor cells. 5 CONCLUSIONS Tissue Engineering Scaffolds should be analogous to native extracellular matrix (ECM) in terms of both chemical composition and physical structure. Polymeric nanofiber matrix is similar, with its nanoscaled nonwoven fibrous ECM proteins, and thus is a candidate ECM- mimetic material. Techniques such as electrospinning to produce polymeric nanofibers have stimulated researchers to explore the a...
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