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Scaffolds assume the role of a synthetic extracellular

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Unformatted text preview: ntiation, and apoptosis [5]. In Figure 1, the dynamic interaction of the extracellular matrix and the cells are displayed. Figure 1: Communication loop between specific extracellular matrix and the cells [6] The informational feedback loop between the cell, which synthesizes its specific ECM and the action of the matrix of the cell, mediated through the nectins and the cell membrane receptors (integrins), which communicates ‘messages’ coming from the matrix to the cell [6]. Scaffolds assume the role of a synthetic extracellular matrix (ECM), permitting cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation for surgical implantations [7,8]. 2 SCAFFOLD The scaffold is highly porous with an interconnected pore network, which provides an intermediary template/model for tissue regeneration [9]. Scaffolds have a three- dimensional design to facilitate cell attachment, growth, and neotissue formation [10]. Bone tissue engineering provide a prospective solution to regenerate bone in a reliable, economical and physiologically acceptable manner and has emerged as an alternative to bone- grafting procedures over the past decades in order to overcome the various limitations of current grafting procedures and bone tissue substitute biomaterials [11]. Some of the requirements exist that a successful scaffold for bone tissue engineering must meet are: 1. Osteoconductivity: The porous interconnected structure permitting new cells to attach, proliferate, and migrate through the structure and also allows for the exchange of nutrient- waste as well as new blood vessels penetration [9]. 2. Biocompatibility: The lack of...
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