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Understanding of structure function in terms of its

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Unformatted text preview: as physiological replacement of impaired “the application of principles and tissues or organs or a patient, which methods of engineering and life restore, maintains, or improves the sciences towards the fundamental function of damaged tissues [4]. understanding of structure- function In terms of its goals, Tissue relationships in normal and Engineering can be considered for the pathological mammalian tissue and following [3]: the development of biological 1. Providing cellular prosthesis or substitutes that restore, maintain, or replacement parts for the human improve tissue function” [1]. body. 2. Providing acellular replacement 1.1 Tissue Engineering parts capable of inducing regeneration. The interdisciplinary field of Tissue 3. Providing tissue or organ- like Engineering applies the principles of model systems populated with cells for basic research and for many applied uses such as the study of disease states using aberrant cells. 4. Providing vehicles for delivering engineered cells to the organism. 5. Providing surfacing non- biological devices. 1.2 Extracellular Matrix The mammalian tissue is composed of two major components, one of which is the extracellular matrix (ECM) [5]. The extracellular matrix is the complex arrangement of proteins and polysaccharides that are constantly being synthesized, secreted, oriented, and modified by the cellular components that they support [5]. Through the interaction of the ECM with receptors on the surfaces of the cells, it directly takes part in promoting cell adhesion, migration, growth, differe...
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