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Unformatted text preview: + 208 208 x (A) p(x) = 0.01x2 − 0.02x + 208 (B) p(x) = 0.03x − 0.04 + (C) p(x) = 0.01x3 − 0.02x2 + 208x (D) p(x) = 0.03x2 − 0.04x + 208 (E) None of these 8. The approximate rate of change in the number (in billions) of monthly text messages is given by the equation f ￿ (t) = 4.2t − 7.4 where t represents the number of years since 2000. In 2000 (t = 0) there were approximately 9.2 billion monthly text messages. How many monthly text messages were there in 2005. (A) less than 10 billion (B) between 10 billion and 20 billion (C) between 20 billion and 30 billion (D) between 30 billion and 40 billion (E) more than 40 billion 9. The marginal profit in dollars on Brie cheese sold at a cheese store is given by P ￿ (x) = x(90x2 + 60x), where x is the amount of cheese sold, in hundreds of pounds. The “profit” is −$20 when no cheese is sold. Find the profit from selling 200 pounds of Brie cheese. (A) less than $550 (B) between $550 and $650 (C) between $650 and $750 (D) between $750 and $850 (E) more than $850 10. Which of the following substitutions would be the most useful in determining the i...
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