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Unformatted text preview: e are several features of a neuron a. cell body ­ contains the nucleus b. dendrites ­ short extensions from the cell body c. axon ­ long extension from the cell body; covered with a myelin sheath created by Schwann cells; in­between each Schwann cell is a node of Ranvier 5. neurons can be classified by their structure a. multipolar ­ have 3+ processes; the most common type; some have no axon b. bipolar ­ have 2 processes; rare in adults, though found in the eye & nose c. unipolar ­ have 1 process 6. neurons can be classified by their function a. sensory (afferent) neurons ­ pick up stimuli b. motor (efferent) neurons ­ carry responses to effectors (muscles & glands) c. associative neurons (interneurons) ­ take the impulse from the...
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