CMI Day5 - The Motherboard The Motherboard Objectives...

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The Motherboard The Motherboard Objectives 0. Recognize basic motherboard components and different form factor configurations, such as ATX. 1. Understand the functioning of the system bus and the various I/O bus technologies. 2. Identify the common ports, connectors, and electrical components used when customizing a system with peripheral device, adapter cards, and storage media. 3. Ascertain the features and capabilities of the motherboard based on the chipset information. 4. Recognize and understand Bios functioning. The Motherboard 0. Multiple-lanes made of copper circuit paths called traces Capacitors 0. Store Charges / Filter signals Resistors 1. Limit current flow 2. Resistance varies: 0. Material 1. Size 2. Temperature IC 3. Integrated Circuits 3. Circuits that are packaged into a solid state device Integrated Circuits Types 4. DIP – Dual Inline Package 5. SIP – Single Inline Package 6. QSOP – Quad Small Outline Package
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Jumpers and Switches 0. Stop or allow the flow of electricity 4. Customize motherboard functions 5. Configure new devices 6. Reset BIOS Software Jumpers 1. Software Jumper 0. Way of changing or customizing functions by using the setup screen in the BIOS ATX Form Factor 7. ATX Single Keyed Power Connector ATX Form Factor 2. Onboard Ports and Connectors Manufacturers 5. Abit 6. ASUS
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CMI Day5 - The Motherboard The Motherboard Objectives...

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