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CMI Day 10 - Cases Objectives Recognize and evaluate the...

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Cases Objectives 0. Recognize and evaluate the expandability, accessibility, protection, and longevity provided by different case types. 1. Recognize the various bays, I/O slots, switches, and LEDs found on current cases and understand their functions. 2. Assess currently available system cooling options. 3. Determine the appropriate power supply needed for a system. 4. Evaluate the capabilities of surge protectors and UPS technologies for protecting internal computer components. Why worry about your case? 0. Expandability & Accessibility 1. Protection 2. Cooling 3. Style Expandability 0. How many expansion bays do you need? 0. 3.5 inch 1. 5.25 inch Expandability 1. Well designed cases: 2. Easy upgrades 3. Easy access Getting inside the Case 4. Cheap cases can be difficult to open and upgrade 0. Drive bays may be welded in place 1. Sharp edges 2. Poor airflow Protection 2. Dust 4. Builds up on components 5. Insulates heat 6. Flammable 7. Blocks airflow
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Protection 5. Vibration 3. May shake components loose 4. Noisy Protection 6. Outside Objects
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