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Unformatted text preview: ation, the amount of energy in the string should be proportional to L 1+ 0 1 2 du dx 2 L dx = 0 1 2 du dx 2 dx + constant. Letting T denote the constant of proportionality yields L energy in string = 0 T 2 du dx 2 dx + constant. Potential energy is only defined up to addition of a constant, so we can drop the constant term to obtain (4.17). The force acting on a portion of the string when it is in the configuration u(x) is determined by an element F (x) of V0 . We imagine that the force acting on the portion of the string from x to x + dx is F (x)dx. When the force pushes the string through an infinitesimal displacement ξ (x) ∈ V0 , the total 95 work performed by F (x) is then the “sum” of the forces acting on the tiny pieces of the string, in other words, the work is the “inner product” of F and ξ , L F (x), ξ (x) = F (x)ξ (x)dx. 0 (Note that the inner product we use here differs from the one used in Section 3.3 by a constant factor.) On the other hand this work is the amount of potential energy lost when the string undergoes the displacement: L F (x), ξ (x) = 0...
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