12a show that the function u0 x t 1 x2 4t e 4t is

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Unformatted text preview: elop techniques that can be used to solve a wide variety of partial differential equations. In this chapter, we will give two important simple examples of partial differential equations, the heat equation and the wave equation, and we will show how to solve them by the techniques of “separation of variables” and Fourier analysis. Higher dimensional examples will be given in the following chapter. We will see that just as in the case of ordinary differential equations, there is an important dichotomy between linear and nonlinear equations. The techniques of separation of variables and Fourier analysis are effective only for linear partial differential equations. Nonlinear partial differential equations are far more 81 difficult to solve, and form a key topic of contemporary mathematical research.1 Our first example is the equation governing propagation of heat in a bar of length L. We imagine that the bar is located along the x-axis and we let u(x, t) = temperature of the bar at the point x at time t. Heat in a small segment of a homogeneous bar is proportional to temperature, the constant of propor...
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