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Unformatted text preview: e of conic sections, the orthogonal matrix B of determinant one which relates x and y represents a rotation. To see this, note first that since B is orthogonal, (B x) · (B y) = xT B T B y = xT I y = x · y. (2.8) In other words, multiplication by B preserves dot products. It follows from this that the only real eigenvalues of B can be ±1. Indeed, if x is an eigenvector for B corresponding to the eigenvalue λ, then λ2 (x · x) = (λx) · (λx) = (B x) · (B x) = x · x, 40 so division by x · x yields λ2 = 1. Since det B = 1 and det B is the product of the eigenvalues, if all of the eigenvalues are real, λ = 1 must occur as an eigenvalue. On the other hand, non-real eigenvalues must occur in complex conjugate pairs, so if there is a nonreal eigenvalue µ + iν , then there must be another non-real eigenvalue µ − iν together with a real eigenvalue λ. In this case, 1 = det B = λ(µ + iν )(µ − iν ) = λ(µ2 + ν 2 ). Since λ = ±1, we conclude that λ = 1 must occur as an...
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