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Unformatted text preview: |x| < 1. However, we might suspect that the solutions to Legendre’s equation to exhibit some unpleasant behaviour near x = ±1. Experimentation with numerical solutions to Legendre’s equation would show that these suspicions are justified—solutions to Legendre’s equation will usually blow up as x → ±1. Indeed, it can be shown that when p is an integer, Legendre’s differential equation has a nonzero polynomial solution which is well-behaved for all x, but solutions which are not constant multiples of these Legendre polynomials blow up as x → ±1. Q(x) = Exercises: 1.2.1. We would like to use the power series method to find the general solution to the differential equation d2 y dy − 4x + 12y = 0, dx2 dx which is very similar to Hermite’s equation. So we assume the solution is of the form ∞ an xn , y= n=0 a power series centered at 0, and determine the coefficients an . a. As a first step, find the recursion formula for an+2 in terms of an . b. The coefficients a0 and a1 will be determined by...
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