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An elevator is moving upward but slowing down with an

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Unformatted text preview: ould be A) 2 m/s2 (−x) B) 2 m/s2 (+ˆ) C) 2 m/s2 (−y ) D) 2 m/s2 (+ˆ) ˆ x ˆ y 2. An elevator is moving upward, but slowing down, with an acceleration of a = 1 m/s2 downward. A block with mass m = 3 kg sits on the floor of the elevator, and a triangle with mass 1 kg sits on top of the block. 4 (a) Draw and label the forces on the triangle and the block. y v x v 1kg 3kg 1kg 3kg a = 1m/s2 2 (b) Find the normal force on the triangle due to the block. 2 (c) Find the normal force on the block due to the floor. Page 2 3. A ball is launched from the ground into the air with a velocity of v0 = 3ˆ + 4ˆ. We will ignore air resistance. x y vtop? 3 (a) A) 0 The velocity vtop of the ball at the top of its arc is B) 3ˆ C) 4ˆ D) 3ˆ + 4ˆ x y x y y x h v0 3 (b) How high is the ball above the ground at the top of its arc? 4. A 5 kg block moving at 5 m/s to the right collides with a 1 kg block moving at 2 m/s to the left. After the collision, the 5 kg block is moving at 3 m/s to the right. 3 (a) What is the velocity of the 1 kg block after the collision? before 5kg 5m/s 2m/s 1kg after 5kg 3 (b) After the collision, the kinetic energy of the...
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