Show your work in the event that i have to make a

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Unformatted text preview: u are continuing on the back. Show your work. • In the event that I have to make a correction or clarification to the exam, I will announce it and write it on the board; if I do so, you are responsible for taking these corrections into account. • Look out for emphasized and bolded words; they are usually important. • Make sure that all answers that need units, get units. • Please use the little blank ( ) for your answers, where provided. If there is no blank, please box or circle your final answer. • Geometric formulae, fundamental constants, and metric prefixes are “free”: if you need one, just ask. (Be particularly aware of metric prefixes: don’t ignore them.) Also, if you don’t understand the geometry of a situation, I can try to give you a better explanation. • When you’re done, place the exam in the appropriate pile, and leave quietly; please do not stand outside the doors talking about the exam. Good luck! 3 1. The figure shows a car moving to the left, and slowing down. Given the coordinate axes shown, the car’s acceleration a c...
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