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Melissa Fattorusso Professor Datema “The Killers”, by Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Killers” is set in a diner located in the small town of Summit, Illinois. Al and Max , two hit men come into the diner around an hour before dinnertime explaining that they have come to kill Ole Andreson, a once prizefighter. Ole comes in nightly to eat dinner at the diner at six o' clock. The two sarcastically make fun of Nick Adams and George, the manager of the diner. After eating their food Al and Max tie Nick and Sam the cook, up in the kitchen with towels in their mouths. When Ole does not show up for dinner, the hit men leave. Nick then leaves the diner to warn Andreson of the men out to murder him. When Nick tells Ole his response is accepting. Ole tells Nick that he is "tired of running and nothing can be done". Ole sits in his bed unmoved by his impending death. After returning to the diner Nick claims that he is going to leave this town because he cannot stand to "think about him waiting in the
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Unformatted text preview: room knowing he is going to get it". This story is largely about Nick's exposure to such an evil of two hit men and a man who will do nothing about his own death to come. All the characters in the diner ultimately surrender to death or at least the threat of death. The cook does not want to hear about the incident anymore, avoiding what just happened. George knows that this is terrible yet does not deal with it and sends Nick to deal with it instead. Andreson does not put up any sort of fight which is ironic as he is a fighter. Nick tries to help the situation, yet he sees that Ole has already welcomed his own death and decides to leave, so Nick too surrenders to the evil. It reminds me of the saying "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil". Also, the last line in the story George says to Nick, Well, you better not think about it", so it is in addition to the saying with "think no evil". All of the characters reactions to the evil, death are submissions to it....
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