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Unformatted text preview: some sort of demand, they will continue. -Men have higher arousal so they withdraw immediately -When wives withdraw form the situation and husbands are confronting, their negative mood increases b/c there is more confrontation -This suggests that there is something maladaptive about the pattern (althought there are complexities in the research) -When someone is not supportive, we see reduced effort in coping and obviously less outcomes - Positive responses to coping can buffer some of the effects of maladaptive strategies. -Positive impact at whatever we are looking at. -Debilitating disorder that involves a lot of pain. It is more common in women. -When there is greater satisfaction, there are lower levels of pain -When love and acceptance is high, pain is low -When love and acceptance is low, pain is higher -Pain intensity shows a significant spike when the spouse avoids the patient -Taking...
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