positive impact at whatever we are looking at

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Unformatted text preview: things for the patient is a negative things and increases the pain -> it increases helplessness -It is important b/c it suggests that we need to look at specific types of interactions and support -> all support is NOT positive -How 2 individuals cope together -Dyadic can also be used for mother and son -But it is any relationship that copes together -When 2 people are in a relationship, even if the other person isn't present, there is always something important about the relationship -The relationship will always play a role in decision making processes even if the individual is not present -We assume that there is some kind of dependence between the two individuals (naturally interdependent) -Confrontation and withdrawal are also dyadic coping because it involves the two individuals -Also applied in therapy: Manual that includes dyadic coping in therapy. -Improves communication, allows them to engage in more coping strategies lack of trust leads to many problems not just in the relationship but in other scen...
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