Thinking Critically and Practically

It is important to control some or all of these when

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Unformatted text preview: It is important to control some or all of these when studying health behavior since it might affect/change how they manifest. -Health enhancing top - Health compromising bottom -Some health behaviors might be considered health disorders -Study in California that was randomly sampled from the population. Study looked at social factors and social health as well. One of the first studies that looked at these factors. - -How do you react to studies you hear about on the news? -A lot of skepticism since there are many different theories that might work for different people. -Not all variables might be shown -Some studies say that decaf. coffee are bad for your health since it may have many cholesterol additions and may not be good for you -ABC News said that drinking 6 cups of coffee may help you reduce chances for cancer and many other diseases. -Another study in the same year as the ABC one, says that too much coffee can lead to auditory hallucinations -News 4 shows us that drinking more coffee could lead to having less strokes. -2013 study says that heavy coffee consumption linked to higher death risk....
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