In an evolutionary perspective it is benecial for us

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Unformatted text preview: the future Looking at how people engage in life -> involve in what they are doing -INdividuals are optimally engaged at an optimal state of arousal when they are not stressed out but they are not bored -Belief of self efficacy or how you can do something is improtant -Loss of time awareness and a tunnel vision many things are not being paid attentoin to -Not bored nor stressed out -You do'nt care about the outcome, you just care about the moment and living on it - -Psychologicla arousal that is not involved with physiologial arousal -Very immedaite awareness of experiences -Just observing, not judging what you are observing -Increases awareness of thoughts and emotions as they are happening -mindfullness techniques have been included -Show effects on pain symptoms -> how you think about your pain has an efect ont he outcomces - Character strengths and virtues -> positive end and helps practitioners identify positive qualities in patients - -Optimism can be cultivated in some while for others its innate -Optimism is connectred to reduced stress and improved wellbieng -Lower agression and anxiety -> being thankfull to people who have been there for you -Showing thankfullness does indeed decrease stress and anxiety Dispositional forgiveness: disposition to forgive state forgiveness: daily basis -Forgiveness does not have to involv...
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