Of research experience of happyness

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Unformatted text preview: the effects of negative emotions MAde a whole claim that this has indeed an effect in cardiovascular effects of stress -Participants were exposed to stressful taks. And those who were exposed to positive affect recovered more quickly from the tension and blod pressure The ones who weren't showed a video, had almost the same as positive video so it shows there is probably no significance More positive a person is, the less likely the person is to have depression - Positive emotions help with long term Just by being curious, we learn about the environment and discover new things. In an evolutionary perspective, it is beneficial for us -> curiosity may help us learn about our environment even more Positive interactions with someone, you are begining a relationship that may serve as a basis of supporrt in the fugure Idea that play contributes to physical fitness and helps prevent many health effects of sterss in...
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