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There is a lot in the psychological level that needs

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Unformatted text preview: ations -Medications -Addictive (opiates) -Assuming that is in their head or they are expressing stress through body symptoms. -Participants could be making up pain to get attention or to get faster care for other problems -Assumption that there is a psychiatric disorder when there isn't one -Very large group of individuals that have no pathology -Could be lead due to neuro-chemical imbalance -Still not taken seriously and there are many disagreements -Could lead to marginalization of individuals with this condition -Based on the belief or perception of potential tissue damage. (impottance of cognition and perception.. what people believe about what is going on in their body -Linked to emotional experience (psychology) -Can be described in terms of such damage. Doesn't have to be actual tissue damage to understand the pain is ocuring -People who react more emotionally, report higher levels of pain. Higher neuroticism or tend to be more angry -Thinking too much about the...
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