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Introduction to Stress and Coping

Different responses stressors are not necesarily

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Unformatted text preview: Position in the "job hierarchy" reflects your health -Many years ago, ulcers was the first stress related disease -Connection between stress and ulcers is caused by a bacteria. (2/3 of the pupulation have it but when stressed, the immune system is shut down so the stomach bacteria can do whatever they want) -Stress disrupts the ability of our bodies to heal itself -When researching the artery walls of monkeys, the subordinate monkey's arteries had aetherosclerosis while -glucacorticoids and epinephrine (adrenaline) the dominating monkey's were clean -humans are turning their psychological stressors constantly and we are not turning -Social + psychological stress can clog our arteries them off. we are not running for our life but our sympathetic nervous system is and restrict blood flow working. -When studying rat's brain cells, the ones that were -stress can also be called stimulation, we need to find the right type of stress because subjected to stress, they had smaller brain cells we love it (moderate stressor since it's short and periodic and it feels safe) -Stress in these rats shrinked their hipocampus -baboons rank is determined by the # of stress hormones in their system (if they are (memory) submissive it is way higher) Low rankers had increased heart rates and low blood -"CEO" monkeys dopamine leveles are very high while the pressure subordinate ones have a lessen activity -Stress -> deteriorating health...
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