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Introduction to Stress and Coping

Usually there are many different confounding

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Unformatted text preview: -When cortisol becomes dysregulated, there can be inflammation and cause many other health issues (pain, diseases, etc) -whtie blood cells decrease and causes diseases -Depending on how long these attributes continue for, you might be affected severely and not be able to recover normally. -looking at stress from stages in terms of stress not going away -If you don't get over the flight fiht, you have to analyze what happened -If stressor does not go away, you enter the resistance and then it becomes the exhaustion IT IS THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE -internal resources are drawn on and even though you look normal, things are going bad internally. -different systems are not working at their peak levels (elevated blood pressure over time which contributes to heart disease) -happens after a longer period of time and your body is so drained that you don't have the energy to maintain many systems -you are vulnerable to many illnesses and in severe cases, death. -still missing many subjectivity -Not all responses are uniform and not everyone goes through the same stages the same way -Stress is assessed as an outcome -> model doesn't explain for anticipations of a stressful occurrence -when something happens in the environment and the person deals with it internally -> lead to stress -This is the standard model of stress -in the transaction, if the organsm cannot cope with the event where resources are not needed, we then have stress -stimulus is still important (we consider the stimulus as a stressor but we don't define it as one in this model) -Model defines stress to the individuals perception -Many things can influence the appraisal -Primary appraisal: whether something is actually threatening or demanding -Secondary appraisal: ability to cope with the event -what are the best coping options available and how effective will these options be -Whether the person can engage in the different responses -stressors are not necesarily static -so we have to reappraise what we're doing -model does not suggest that it's all in our control. it says that we need to consider what is going on in the persons mind -also says that there is a subjective measure -if you're specifically looking for it or not -how poverty might lead to high stress and therefore a poor quality of life, illness and mortality. -The video also talks about subordination which means that the driving factor in this idea of subordination: hierarchies in our society. Low SES = poor and death -...
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