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it can be a potential confounding variable bc you

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Unformatted text preview: hapter (all mc have something to do w this ) Chapter 8: -Symptom recognition and interpretation Stages of delay in seeking treatment (model presented in last class) -Issue of control in hospital settings -Other key terms and phrases Chapter 9: -What predicts good patient care in treatment settings -Other factors related to patient care -Factors related to effective provider patient communication -Issues related to adherence Chapter 10 -Understanding why pain is important -Theories related to pain and pain management -Techniques and therapies used to contort -Key terms and phrase related to pain and pain management -No very specific but some broad ones will get tested Short answer 1 For lecture 10 (oct 10) 1 Lecture 11 (Oct 15) 1 Combining info from 12 and 13 (Oct 17 and Oct 22) 1 Question from lecture 14 (Oct 24) 1 From elcture 15 Relevant movie The irrational health service (available on youtube) remember what we talked about that video -> things related to patient satisfaction and the use of alternative health services -...
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