trying to see things through the patient

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Unformatted text preview: relevant to studies -Depends on the characteristics of the provider. If it seems like a medical professional, it will seem like it will be more effective. More confident providers, greater placebo effect. -Belief in the treatment is greater. -How do you control for the placebo effect? -It can be a potential confounding variable b/c you don't know that the effects are due to the chemical properties or a placebo effect that can be inter-winded. -You create a placebo effect in the control group.You equalize the effect in all groups -You may add on another group that doesn't get any treatment at all. This way, you can test different levels of treatments -Attract many people that just want to do drug trials -Best way is to examine blood or urine for levels of the medicaiton (does not allow us to see when they took it but it give us some level) Midter Chapter 7: Only social support and Relationship between social support and stress -Only information on social support and social processes will be tested on this c...
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