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Unformatted text preview: ile you are staying at a hospital -A type or form of compliance -Behavior that you are doing at home Non-adherence: not taking antibiotics until they are completely done. -Not doing your exercises for physio -Not avoiding certain foods when taking antidepressants Second group are mostly due to lifestyle patterns -> treatments involve lifestyle changes. which less people are likely to involve in -psychological recommendations are more likely to be followed than medical ones. -The more complex, the more difficult it is to follow through -Problem beecause feeling better doesn't mean they should stop with their prescription -> interaction with practicioner would help this to stop -We want the provider to be personable and sympathize with the patient. -Having the right kind of information and knowledge always helps. - -keeping things simple -making sure the patient knows whats going on -Knowing that patient beliefs might intervene so trying to change their beliefs is important -Patient communication -Doctors should avoid bias and stereotypes in a medical setting -To evaluate adherence -> medical professionals need to monitor adhe...
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