Management of Chronic Illness

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Unformatted text preview: ort talks about self reported health, a psycological variable -Most common measurement of health Rating overall quality of life could vary through different regions First response could be shock and panic due too the lack of balance in different scenarios like physical, social mental -PEople question their secondary appraisal -> their ability to cope with the situation -Most people eventualy resolve the panic stage and acept they have the diagnosis Treatment leads to a number of outcomes that influence the patients idea adherance -Defense or coping mechanism immediately following the diagnosis -Can protect people from extreme feelings of anxiety (in the early stages) -Can be bad in terms of treatment of addherance -Symptoms with depression are the same symptoms of the chronic condition so it could turn up to be a confounding factor. -May resolve due to the changes due to the illness or changes due to the treatment -And because of that, illnesses or treatment affect sexual funcito...
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