Management of Chronic Illness

The diagnosis can protect people from extreme

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Unformatted text preview: ning -People inappropriate assign an acute illness model to their diagnosis due to illness schemas -If beliefs aren't in line with what is recommended, the patient may not adhere or be following the different prescriptions that may help in the long run -Perception that one has control over the disease and life is a good and important factor in health -Those who perceive greater control have better outcomes in physical and psychological levels -Acceptance is also an important variable when it comes to terminal illness -Avoidance for these types of patients helps them. Degree of social support form the individualalso has to do with the coping HIV aids= person would be promiscuous Stereotypes may influence the relationships following a diagnosis -Debate if it's due to lifestyle factors of genetics - -We assume that cancers are due to lifestyle factors but only 30% actually are -Lower immune response -> impact of chronic stress on the immune system -Kills B cels and T cells...
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