Changing Health Behaviours

models can be be categorized in changing

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Unformatted text preview: that -First kind of appeal is educational appeals: give people information that they can apply needs to be induced. too much fear= withdrawal to their lives. Whether it is the potential outcomes of a behavior or how to change this -Message framing is the other important factor: framing a behavior message from a gaining or risk perspective. messages that -We want to make sure the important information comes at the beginning and atemphasize loss or risk when it comes to high risk behaviors. the ned of the message. many different variables that affect the affectivity. when both > negative outcomes if they continue performing the risky sides are presented, it may also be more effective to avoid the feeling of bias. behavior. talking about gains, you're better off about talking -Believing that quitting smoking will reduce your threat for lung cancer -this model has been successful with predict...
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