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Heavy drinkers become malnourished over time which

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Unformatted text preview: also lead people to drink -At universities it's all about increasing self control -goals at universities is to identify circumstances that lead to drinking. Or alternating drinks -If control can be increased, that's where we see all the success -MADD advertising -Drunk driving is also a health behavior in a sense -Fear appeal message can be too extreme -Causes a physical reaction when people drink while taking the drug -A bigger flaw with this drug is that the person can stop taking the drug when they want to have a drink -Classical conditioning since it can lead to the association that alcohol can make you sick -Could be environmental feelings or thoughts -Recognition of the fact that people feel bad when they engage in the behavior again. The therapy will develop programs that help out with these feelings -Fine line between abstinence and relapse so it's easy for the individual to fall into the behavi...
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