Changing Health Behaviours

Or alternating drinks if control can be increased

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Unformatted text preview: or again speaking to a psychologists and speaking to them in a regular basis. -Separates yourself form your behavior to a certain extent -Therapist will go through all of these stages and identify where the person is at and taylor their treatment depending on the stage -It also makes people aware of their thoguths -Found that people with the skill training spent less time being drunk that combined controls -still much lower than the combined contorls. -There is some sort of good relationship with the study people with high risk drinking did indeed help help the students in the long run -One of the controversies is that it is too focused on spirituality -DSM talks about this in many different substances -Does not cover behavioral addiction so much -Gambling disorder is a new one on the DSMV -There are studies that internet gaming could be a potential one as well -A hot topic in the media hypersexuality (DSM does nto frame it as an addiction) -research shows that people with hypersexuality does not resemble to those of other substance addiction -Bing Eating Disorder is the closer to the DSM gets to food addiction -There is a trend to treating eating disroders to how they treat alcohol...
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