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Those are coming from industries that want to make

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Unformatted text preview: substance throughout the day not just when socializign -For dependence to occur, tolerance and withdrawal need to occur -Important in the old DSM when diagnosing substance abuse -Still part of the scenario but any kind of substance that we put in a person's body will lead to dependence -can be mild (tremors shakes, difficulties sleeping -Can also be severe which are delirium tremens (occur after 3 or 4 days after leaving the substance) -Korsakoff syndrome: neurological damage which is caused by a lack of thymene or vitamin D 1. Heavy drinkers become malnourished over time which causes the deficiencies and then the vitamin D1 defficiency. -Retrograde and anteretrograde amnesia -Might make up scenarios -Difficulties engaging with other individuals -1 health behavior that may be confusing to society. -Talking about the risks but we also encourage the drinkers for minimum levels -Alcohol is different to abstain from -Emotional states are some of the biggest reasons that cause people to drink -Big social component of why people drink. psychosocial factors -Interpersonal conflict and social pressure...
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