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Behavior talking about gains youre better off about

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Unformatted text preview: ing change in different behaviors like dieting, dental hygene, dieting, and many others -Plays roles in all of our behaviors whether they are health related or not -Belief that one can engage in the health beleviors and that one can change them -Belief whether action will be positive or negative -When other people think you should change 3- Perceived Behavioural control (PBC): belief in ability to perform behavior and whether it will have the intended effect. -You are able to do whatever you want. -Doesn't explain why some people might drop a behavior -Pre-contemplation: somebody is not aware of the implications of changing or not changing -Contemplation: thinking about changing -Preparation: development of intention to change -Action: changes to behavior -Maintenance: maintaining and preventing relapse -emphasize different types of learning when engaging to health behaviors -Classical condition was the first model used by psychologists when trying to involve with behavior change -Operant condition and model are good for changing health behaviors when they are already in place -Modeling are good with children and it's successful to change health behaviors over long periods of time. -Allowing people to be more aware of their thoughts and their feelings. Recognizing them as they are occuring. Being able...
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