Changing Health Behaviours

When trying to involve with behavior change operant

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Unformatted text preview: to recognize them and being able to describe them. -If we are more aware of our own thoughts and behaviors, we are more in control since we can pick out the things that trigger those behaviors and they can be avoided -Where government organizations try to change the environment to support healthy behaviors. -Prohibitions to avoid second hand smoke -Difference between merchant strategies and the ones given by the government -companies want to make money and they say that everything is healthy. Those are coming from industries that want to make more money -Governments are indeed in the lookout to improve general healthfare Who should be the target of change? Individual? Society? -probably both. a combination between -issue of how much the government should intervene when it comes to many different health behaviors. -DSM has changed in the last edition from substance abuse disorder to substance use disorder -Good indicator. To use...
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