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Media Review-planetinperil

Media Review-planetinperil - global issue and provide small...

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1 Hannah McLeaish Media Review: Planet in Peril Awareness of the state of the world is becoming more and more apparent with the production of multiple documentaries showing the physical changes in the earth’s make-up. “Planet in Peril,” a documentary filmed and produced by CNN, and hosted by Anderson Cooper, Jeff Corwin and Sanjay Gupta, aired a few nights ago on national television. Unlike Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” it was filmed with a totally non-partisan, informational point-of-view. I have watched plenty of documentaries of this sort, yet this one stood out. Because it was not influenced by a political party, and is made only to inform the nation of a
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Unformatted text preview: global issue and provide small solutions to solve the big problem. They traveled to 9 different locations and filmed for over a year to develop a legit film that showed the following issues and how they intertwine: deforestation, overpopulation, global warming, species loss, and habitat loss. In my personal opinion, “Planet in Peril” affected me solely because I want my career to be directed toward this field. Whether it is helping people to understand what is happening, or physically helping to better a community, I have decided that this is a field that I am extremely interested in....
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