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Kelly its not a good idea to be a rapist when youre

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Unformatted text preview: the chains are barbed) are And there we have no other And than R. Kelly! It’s not a good idea to be a rapist when you’re famous, EVERYONE finds out. famous, Now let’s take a break from all this touring and listen to the touching poetry of someone who’s name escapes me at the moment . Suspended in the air, vacuum-packed No space between bodies Forced into constant contact So many bodies, one cannot see But there in the midst One can spot R. Kelly! Forced against one another like this With periodic electrocution by the chains The pain-filled cries, one cannot miss Used to fix the disorder in their brain Imprinting “Rape is bad” with the voltage of Thor Here in the subterranean, nothing to gain In the pits of hell they may strike no more In Misery and sadness permeate the air Here lies the requiem of the Predators …Deep, isn’t it? (still can’t seem to think of that dude’s name…) Hope you enjoyed your tour, but now you have to find your own way out! See ya! From - Jermaine Jermaine - Irena - Kierra - Earl...
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