Reminiscent of the pain they placed on themselves in

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Unformatted text preview: can’t to them? Reminiscent of the pain they placed on themselves in life. placed Who’s that one there, you ask? Who’s Why it’s Jesse of course, you know him . Dictators (2 floor) Dictators nd We all know what a dictator is, don’t we? No? sheesh, haven’t you people been to school? school? To abuse your power is ungodly, Political To dictators here are fused with the ground while demons stomp all over them, parallel to how they treated their people in life life This is high school right? So of course This you all know why we put Hitler here (if you don’t, you may want to see a doctor for extreme ignorance disorder) extreme To abuse the churches power, is like, a To direct assault on god himself, so with this in mind we’ve strapped some corrupt priests to some burning crosses, showing that their disrespect for god deserves classic burning punishment classic Those are the Borgias I think, a priest Those family that used the church to obtain money and power and abuse that power money Promiscuous (1 floor) Promiscuous st SuperFly: ****!!!! I think we all know what promiscuous means, think if not, you can basically call them hookers and pimps and To resp...
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