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To working the corners and facilitating it is not

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Unformatted text preview: ect yourself and others is good. To Working the corners and facilitating it is not. Being chained to a wall while acid constantly burns your genitals must suck. But that’s what they get for overusing what god meant for reproduction for Who’s that? Why that’s SuperFly and his Who’s entourage, of course, he’s a pimp, and those are his b- hookers . Adultery is something usually committed Adultery behind closed doors, so we have these mistresses hanging in a pillar of ice, exposed to the staring demons and unable to hide. The ice symbolizes the cold heart required to crap on your marriage vows, promises governed by the lord. governed And there we have the well-known Marilyn And Monroe, she likes to cheat Monroe, Tour Guide: Now Now… isn’t that what got you here in the first place? Predators (Basement) Predators Dirty low-lives aren’t they? And Dirty by “they” I mean rapists! by Intercourse is something Intercourse special meant to reproduce, abuse of it is bad enough, forcing it on others? Well that just takes the cake! They are all forced against one another by chains so tight it’s like it’s vacuum-packed. The pain they caused others in life is inflicted on them by periodic electrocution (plus...
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