War analysis traveling through the dark

War analysis traveling through the dark - Hannah McLeaish...

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1Hannah McLeaish English Comp. 1102 Montgomery March17, 2008 Analysis of War Opposition in “Traveling Through the Dark” In the controversial poem, “Traveling Through the Dark,” written by William Stafford, a known college professor, and conscientious war objector, there are comments made toward the dissent of war through the title, theme of terms used and the actual plot of the poem. A man is traveling on a dangerous, windy road at night when he comes upon a dear that lay dead, in the road. He knows that it is dangerous for fellow drivers, this carcass could be detrimental and could potentially mean death if it were to cause a serious car accident. The underlying metaphors and vocabulary used by Stafford throughout the poem get his real point across behind a story that is seemingly deceptive to the naked eye. When one first reads the title, “Traveling Through the Dark,” it is taken literally. Thoughts of a person actually dredging through the darkness come to mind. The fact is, that there is some mystery as to what exactly may happen in the dark to this person. The common connotation of the word “dark,” as defined by Dictionary.com, includes all, but is not limited to the following: “having very little or no light,” “gloomy; cheerless; dismal,” “sullen; frowning,” “evil; iniquitous; wicked,” and “destitute of knowledge or culture; unenlightened.” None of these definitions are positive, and actually lead one to believe that, whatever may happen in the dark, cannot be good. This suggests Stafford’s prominent position on war, and also foreshadows the
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War analysis traveling through the dark - Hannah McLeaish...

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